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Strong concrete mix 1:2:9 lime:cement:sand. A lime and cement mix that can sometimes fail prematurely. Not recommended. 1:1:6 lime:cement:sand. A lime & cement mix good for brickwork 3:1 sand:lime. Lime mortar for historic brickwork & stone walls. Avoids damage to soft brick & stone. Mixes used are often anything from 2:1 to 3:1. Dry Mix

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Hydraulic Lime or Hydrated Lime | Limebase

Hydraulic lime is produced in three strengths NHL 2, NHL 3.5 and NHL 5 (the higher the number the stronger the material). Hydraulic lime mortars have some advantages over lime putty mortars. When building in wet conditions hydraulic lime mortars will still

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Pointing Listed Farmhouse - UK Restoration Services

A Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) was used for the Lime Pointing Mortar mix. Hydraulic lime mortar does have a slight hydraulic setting action hence the name. This hydraulic setting action is a long way off the setting strength of a cement based mortar. The lime mortar still depend highly on the carbonation of the lime element of the mortar.

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Stone Wall Restoration - Working With Lime Mortar : 6

On finding out that I wanted to replace an ugly 1960’s fireplace with a cast iron Art Nouveau one he immediately cautioned me not to use the very expensive commercial fire cement but to opt for a ‘soft’ lime mortar mix to fit the new fire-back, Following his advice I was able to undertake the job at a fraction of the cost through using

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Guide to mixing natural hydraulic lime mortar

The mix is typically 1 part lime : 2.5 parts sand. Measuring the material must always be with a gauging box or bucket. A shovel is not acceptable since quantities are too inconsistent.

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NATURAL HYDRAULIC LIME - Natural Mortars by Edison

By properly selecting aggregates and proportions, it is possible to produce mortar mixes ranging from 2.6 MPa to 5.1 MPa (380-740 psi) at 28 days with NHL 3.5, making it the most versatile of Natural Hydraulic Limes. Pre-mixed, ready-to-use mortars are also available as BioMix 35.

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PDF DSC TECHNICAL BULLETIN 04-01 - National Park Service

NHL mortars have some limitations that should be considered by the designer. The 28 day compressive strength of Type S mortar is approximately 6 times that of NHL 3.5 with a 1:2 (lime to sand) mix ratio. NHL mortars take considerably longer to cure than portland-cement mortars,

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PDF Repointing your Building - Peak District

Natural hydraulic lime or non-hydraulic lime putty based mortar must be used when repointing an historic building. Cement should not be added to lime based mortars. Non-hydraulic lime is produced from pure limestone-the type quarried in Derbyshire. Hydraulic lime is produced from limestone containing clay. Of the two types, lime putty mortar is

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Lime Mortar | Haired & Unhaired Lime Putty Mortar

Haired Lime Mortar. Mixed at a ratio of 3:1 (sand:lime). Use for backing coats of lime plaster and lime render (with pozzolan). Haired Lime Mortar uses 3 kg of natural animal hair per m 3 of mortar. Goat hair mixes available on request. The high alkalinity of lime will dissolve natural hair.

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Lime Green Buff Coloured Natural Hydraulic Lime Mortar Nhl 3.5 (25Kg) 4.4 out of 5 stars 48. £27.50 £ 27. 50. £5.46 delivery. Amazon's Choice for "lime mortar ready mix for pointing" Stormdry Waterproof Express Repair Mortar-Ready to Use Cement-Free Mix 310ml Tube, Grey Sand.

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