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How to Clean and Maintain Fiber Cement Siding | Sunshine

But over time, fiber cement was designed to replace asbestos and create a safer working space for the people installing the product and a safer home for people living with fiber cement siding. In 1987, James Hardie stopped making and selling any product or building materials that contained asbestos.

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How to Replace Fiber Cement Lap Siding Boards

Step 1 - Preparation. Determine the amount of the siding that needs to be replaced, and order or buy the necessary pieces. Remember that many fiber cement boards are smooth on one side and faux wood grain on the other. Some brands are able to be used on both sides while others sell two different products. Make sure you get the right one for

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Wood vs. Fiber Cement Siding: Making the Best Decision for

6. Energy Efficient. Unlike fiber cement siding, the R-value of wood siding is around 0.81. As a result, wood is a very insulating material, which helps to keep heating and cooling from escaping the home and causing the HVAC to have to work harder.

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Fiber Cement Siding Tools | Malco Products, SBC

Use Malco's FCC7 to cut multiple angles in Fiber Cement Siding with Guillotine Precision and Minimal Dust. Cleanly cuts 5/16" (8 mm) fiber cement siding without distortion or compression. A large, stable support plate, with board stop, ensures straight, square cuts in 8 1/4" (210 mm) wide plank.

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Hidden Nail Cutter for Fiber Cement Siding | Malco

Hidden Nail Cutter. Malco Product's SNC Nail Cutter cuts hidden nails left over from removal of damaged or unwanted fiber cement siding plank without damaging overlapping plank. The Flat head with a beveled leading edge easily maneuvers under the edge of siding and into corners. Ideal for remodeling or salvaging projects.

Learn More reviews: PacTool SS204 Snapper

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for PacTool SS204 Snapper Shear For Cutting Up To 5/16" Fiber Cement Siding, 4.8 Amp Motor at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

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SA903 Gecko Gauge Fiber Cement Siding Tool | General Tools

The Gecko Gauge SA903 gauges and supports cement-board siding for one-person installation with nearly no layout time. It is adjustable at 1/4" increments for 4"-8" siding reveals. It won't scratch or mar pre-painted siding. The Friction-Cam mechanism supports full 12' cement-board siding lengths. It can be used with 5/16" fiber

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PacTool Siding Tools | General Tools | General Tools

SA903 Gecko Gauge Fiber Cement Siding Tool ITEM #SA903 . SA90376 Gecko Gauge LP Siding Tool - 7/16" thick ITEM #SA90376 . SA90338 Gecko Gauge LP Siding Tool - 3/8" thick ITEM #SA90338 . SA902 Gecko Gauge Fiber Cement Siding Tool - Aluminum ITEM #SA902 . SA907 Z-CLAMP ITEM #SA907 . SA904 Gable Scribe ITEM #SA904 . SA905 Face Gauge ITEM #SA905

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Malco FCC4 Fiber Cement Siding Guillotine :

Malco FCC4 Straight Cut Fiber Cement Siding Guillotine, Steel. The Malco FCC4 Guillotine Shear Cleanly cuts 5/16" (8 mm) fiber cement siding without distortion or compression. A large, stable support plate, with board stop, ensures straight, square cuts in 8-1/4″ (210 mm) wide plank with minimal dust. No sharpening required!

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Bullet Tools - 213 13 in. EZ Shear Siding

Bullet Tools 13 in. EZ Shear Siding Cutter with blade for hardie plank, vinyl siding, fiber-cement siding, and trim. The 13 in. EZ Shear Siding and Siding Trim (SST) Cutter is a versatile, dust-free cutter for products up to 13 in. wide and 1 in. thick.

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How to Paint Fiber Cement Siding - Learning Center

Pick your color, grab your tools, and you're ready to get to work. Here's what you need to know about how to paint fiber cement siding, including when to call in a pro. Get the Timing Right. As a low maintenance material, fiber cement siding doesn't require frequent painting. If you purchase prefinished fiber cement siding, you don't

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